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*MUST HAVE completed Live or Online Rotational Movement Training Instructor Course (RMTS) prior to attendance*

THE WECKMETHOD QUALIFICATION COURSE (WMQ) is a 2 Day In-Person Intensive that will futher your understanding and application of the WeckMethod Concepts and Principles.

We will heavily pursue Rotational Strength, Power, and Fluidity Training using the RMT® Club as a primary tool in navigating movement expression and the near-endless possibilities of carry-over to other tools including handweights like dumbbells and kettlebells.

We will deepen your understanding of the Torsional Principles of Internal and External using the BOSU® Elite as the perfect compliment in implementing these concepts effortlessly into your own or your clienteles' movement practice.

The 2 days will be pack with innovative thought, movement expression, skill development, programming and application. All with the end goal of helping you become the best coach you can be and help others to get more carry over to the goals they want to achieve; including: Athletic Performance (Land, Air, or Sea), General Health and Wellbeing, and current or even future fitness modalities you passionately explore.

*Completion of this event will also qualify you for the opportunity to become a Master Trainer and Host your own RMTS Courses and help lead the future of the Fitness Industry*